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July 28, 2013


A Local

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Capt. V.P.'s Restaurant. The service was extremely slow and our waiter (Donna) was clearly unfocused. It took 55 minutes before our lunch arrived. Only one table of 5 was seated before us. Donna's excuse was that the cook was busy cooking for the table of five. I asked her what happens when the restaurant is full. She stared at me blankly.

The fries came from a frozen bag. Our friend Robert Irvine would be so disappointed. My husband's burger tasted like a brick (he thought so too), and my chicken sandwich was a bit on the dry side. We won't be returning to this place and we told the owner this. The owner asked if we were if that should make a difference.

I would NOT recommend this restaurant.


We have been twice and found the service great and the food wonderful. We had very good french fries both times. I won't be checking burgers there. I get my burgers at Andy's of Swansboro. We had two other sets of friends who also ate there at different times and had good experiences. Both said they will be going back so I will be going back also. Sorry you had a bad experience.


We take our reviews of restaurants very seriously so we went back to Captain V.P.'s Olde Fisherman's Restaurant for a third time on August 1, 2013. As my wife likes to say, there are usually two sides to any story.

We asked Sassy, the owner, about "A Local's" complaint. She seemed to know exactly who they were. Sassy explained to us everything they had done to try to please "A Local." While it is impossible to know if this was exactly the same couple, I am confident if you have a problem in the restaurant and ask for Sassy, she will try to resolve it. She is trying very hard to have satisfied customers

I am comfortable with our strong recommendation of Captain V.P.'s.

If you have ever worked with the public, you know there are people who cannot be pleased and who basically want something for nothing. I have no way to know if "A Local" falls into this category or not, but their negative report is the only one that I have heard so I suggest you make up your own mind if you are not comfortable with my review.

The two of us had more food than we could eat for around $20 this afternoon. There are not many restaurants in the area where you can do that and have very tasty food in a comfortable setting on the water.

We were at Captain V.P.'s for nearly an hour this afternoon on our third visit. There were seven or eight other tables being served. I heard nothing but positive comments and people saying they will be back.

We will continue to strongly recommend Captain V.P.'s. They are a new restaurant and will make mistakes like any new business, but I still believe you will find a very nice dining experience there.

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