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July 11, 2013


Will look forward to reading this book, as I have the others. I think often about how many character traits we have in common. God fearing men who have love for animals, for nature, for the power of weather, an innate curiosity on how technology works, but also the social and humanistic perspective on the impact technology has on individual and professional work flows. I'm not the fisherman nor sailor you are, but I spent my formative adult years in the woods and learning the art and science of the war machine. I think we also share a pragmatic approach to public policy, and while idealist at heart, reasonable men seek consensus from all stakeholders, not merely shareholders. I suspect I will find many familiar themes in your book, David.


Stephen, I don't think there is any doubt that you'll will find more similarities than differences. There is that golf thing, but we all have our our own special passions.

Their uniqueness should draw people closer rather than drive them apart. I will welcome your thoughts on the book when we get it off the computer and cloud to the publishing cloud.

Maybe we can share a beer or a bottle of wine and talk about it one day. Beer and wine are products where uniqueness is welcomed by almost everyone including both of us.

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