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April 30, 2011



A front porch, in my mind, is a must have. We sit on ours daily in the swing or at the bistro set to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. America needs more front porched homes.

Great post!


Great post David....lovely imagery to bring back some memories of personal times spent in your area of the world, when I lived in your country.

Ironically, I'm sitting on my balcony here on Bribie Island (Qld, Australia) with my laptop on the table beside me...watching the world go bye. It's a glorious sunny autumn afternoon, temperature in the low 80's I guess. Across the road are the pristine waterways of the Pumicestone Passage, where dolphins and dugong co-exist peacefully. It bothers me somewhat that people now jet-ski along these majestic waterways, and I worry about the environmental impact of that activity.

Back to dreaming for me...



I am really pleased to see architectural trends swinging back towards front porches. Sitting on your front porch is an open invitation for a visit with neighbors. When we lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I loved it when our neighbors would drop by spontaneously. It was usually because we were outside in the front yard with the kids, but a front porch serves the same purpose.

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