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September 24, 2009



David, really enjoyed reading this dance with the reels which is far more interesting and mindful to me than listening to a banter between liberals and conservatives! Not only is fishing sport but it's a great relaxant. Nothing between me or my husbands ears are mindful except to decide on the fishing spot, the bait, reels, and a few Lance nabs and an RC to snack on. Spots will be here soon...and we love to fry and eat what some others use as bait fish!



Thanks for the nice comment. I swore off politics a long time ago in my blogs. It is hard for me to understand why so few of this generation can appreciate fishing. It rolls a lot of good things into one activity. One of the posts that I wrote recently was about a fishing reel that I use sometimes. My mother gave it to me, and it is a little over 50 years old and still catching fish. Speaking of spots, I heard that they had a pretty good day with them at the pier earlier in the week. My friend Dean also said he was fishing by someone at the Point earlier in the week with his wife when the guy next to him caught a 20" flounder. The guy offered him the flounder before putting it back. I should tell Dean to call me next time someone offers him a flounder that size, I have a frying that it will fit.

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