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July 07, 2008



Hi David--
Just returned from a week long conference in Radford, VA. and have friends who live outside of Roanoke and I lived for several years in Lexington, VA in the late '70's.
I am looking seriously at the Roanoke area for relocation and semi-retirement in about two years.
I am looking for a walkable community where one can get to basic amenities by walking. Everything in Florida is sprawl so communities such as this rarely exist. How would rate Roanoke in this regard?



The best area that I can think of which would fit your needs is the Grandin Village area. It's one of our favorite spots in Roanoke. You can walk to the theater, restaurants, drug store, and grocery store.

There is also a neighborhood Ridgewood Farms near Lewis Gale Hospital where you could walk to a number of services.

You might be able to do nearly the same thing over in an area of South Roanoke that has a neighborhood grocery store, but I suspect it would be more expensive, and I don't think it has all the same services.

I hope we see more communities like those.

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