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June 23, 2008


Sean Pecor

We've got tomatoes in June over here in Franklin County :) And massive cucumbers that could double as bludgeoning weapons. I get deer wandering by our garden all the time but I tell you my 48" picket fence must somehow freak them out because they never bother with our garden. I have friends and neighbors who build those impenetrable (and ugly) 8' tall woven wire elephant fences to keep deer out, even after I tell them about my own results. According to my shiny new wireless weather station, this month (so far) we've crept up to 2 1/2 inches of rain, mostly in the past two weeks and I'm hoping for a little more before the month closes out. Even so our 20'x40' garden is the perfect size for a wand sprinkler, and if my weather station lets me know it hasn't rained much over 48 hours I'll give it a good soak. I know we're still technically in a drought but things are going perfectly this year for hay production so I'm pleased. Franklin County was bringing in a bumper crop of a first cut the first week of May!

I hope you get some more rain! All that North Carolina forest fire smoke was ruining our view a couple weeks back ;)


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