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June 24, 2008



David, very glad to hear you are OK. You need a Camelbak Hydration Pack, very lightweight one that holds 2L.

I fill mine halfway and then freeze it, when I take it out, I fill the remainder with water. It is superb for things like mowing, long walks with dogs, or simply clip it onto the back of my beach chair. I like it because it keeps my hands free for whatever activity I'm doing, and mine has a small waterproof pouch for Blackberry, wallet, and keys, plus bungees for my raingear. Again, very lightweight, I hardly know it is there.

Glad to hear you are OK, please take it easy.

Sean Pecor

Dehydration can really sneak up on you. The riskiest weather is heat combined with low humidity. Liquids alone won't do it if you're really working hard because - if memory serves - while you can sweat up to one gallon per hour your body can only digest something like 32 ounces per hour, tops. So you've got to pace yourself!

I also wonder if you didn't have an allergic reaction to whatever bit or stung you?



Thanks for the concern guys, I have recovered nicely. Yesterday, I did about four hours of work in the early morning heat and humidity without any problems.

I got plenty of "G2" low calorie electrolyte beverage in me before going out. I also took a break in the middle and had another bottle.

I managed to take the hose to my head a couple of times just for good measure. I felt great working in the heat which is normal.

I'll have to look into the camelback but I'm never very far from a cooler or the house, it might be one more thing to find a spot for in our downsized existence on the coast.

My college roommate from New Jersey also wondered why the sting was ignored, but I had no swelling or redness around it. It still does itch.

We have not been so lucky for rain up on the slopes of Twelve O'Clock Knob. Our yard looks terrible.

The deer have eaten anything edible also.

I'm not having any trouble with tomatoes and deer since I'm importing them from our coastal patch. I'm looking for a kitchen scale that will handle one of the tomatoes I have brought back. I'm guessing it will do four sandwiches at least.

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