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May 16, 2008



You need greater spiritual fulfillment. I recommend boarding the Orange Line (affectionately nicknamed "The Orange Crush") westbound at rush hour from Farragut West to Vienna. You can just quietly stand there, nothing can disturb your tranquility for probably 30-45 minutes just smelling the stench of bodies all pressed together. Sometimes it is almost hard to leave the train, and you ride the escalator up feeling refreshed and happy at such a pleasant experience.


I think traveling around the world has seriously messed up your senses.

I don't do underground tunnels anymore. I prefer a view that is expansive.

I can suggest that you try a little of my beach shoe leather to give you some true perspective on the way the world should be seen.

The visual images and smells with your comment are troubling.

However, the cool breeze is bringing nothing but the smell of a coastal night.

The day ended with my kind of beach meal.

Burgers and grilled shrimp from the grill. A beer, beans from a can, and even a brownie for desert.

If the wind had died down in time for some kayaking the day would have been perfect.

Is this orange crush of which you speak a distant relative of the beverage of the same name?

Remind me to google Orange Crush.

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