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December 28, 2007


Mr Zonbu

Hi David,

I've been using the Zonbu now for about five months, and blogging about my experiences. It's proven to be a mostly useful, sometimes frustrating, and always interesting experience.

As you noted, some things are fully ready for prime time, like the Firefox support, and other things are strangely inconsistent, like the older version of Evolution.

I also recently switched my wife from an Acer/XP laptop to a Zonbu laptop to see how a non-technical user would fare. So far, so good, but there have been a few surprises...

You can

-Mr. Zonbu


Well, my experiences have been less sunny. Their music playback has problems for one:

1) Banshee thinks it has a good way to arrange your music. They are wrong. Amarok has it right. Even when I decided I could live with Banshee I hit troubles, the version on the Zonbu has broken playlist code. You can create a playlist, but you cannot re-organize the tracks.

Mplayer works fine, but if you make a playlist, it hangs in the middle at random.

2) Most of your music is on-line and takes some time to download track by track, bad if you are listening to a book-on-tape or an album where one track blends into the next.

Files keep disappearing on me.

Moving files around is a problem. You get messages about files existing or not existing. It's all due to the cache business required for moving files up and down from on-line storage.

Try to work around some of these problems by using their Windows tools? They don't work.

Try to work around these problems by adding a solid-state external drive ( 16GB CF card USB ) and the OS marks your drive as read-only.

Try to work around these problems by making a Zonbu CF card out of that 16GB card, their install script fails for one reason or another.

Try to put on a new OS, everything I tried fails for unknown reasons. I have no idea how other people are managing it. It's not like I haven't installed Linux on a PC before.

Try to send the damn thing back? Well I spent so much time trying to make it work for me that my 30-days are up and no exceptions.

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