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October 16, 2007



Yup. That about sums it up. A deficit of buyers. I'd like to sell my house in MI, but MI is one of the worst markets period. I guess being #1 in unemployment is an award you don't want your state to take home. Oh well. I'll just kick the can further down the road and see what happens.

In an unrelated topic, I read your article on the culture at Apple Computer. As along time Mac user, it was very interesting to me. Heck, I still have a Mac II buried in a closet. It still works. It must be some kind of change to go from Apple to real estate. I can't imagine plus with the real estate market having tanked. All I can do is wish you luck. I need some luck too. Anyway you have an interesting blog. I think I will bookmark you and check back in from time to time.


The one thing you have going for you is that it only takes one buyer to purchase a home.

We sold our farm in New Brunswick, Canada (we had a cattle operation before Apple) to a buyer from Singapore.

Our family home in Mount Airy, NC sold to a buyer from Florida.

Keep the faith, you will eventually find a buyer.

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