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July 14, 2007


Mike Jones

I'm not a big fan of Bluefish either but I do enjoy a nice fresh Bluefish fillet occasionally. I have found that how you clean then makes a big difference in the final taste. The next time you catch a few try the following: 1. Fillet the fish as you would any other fish but leave the fillet attached to the body at the tail. 2. Next start at the tail and fillet the flesh from the skin. This gets rid of the skin which can give the meat a stronger taste. 3. Now trim out the dark meat from the fillet which contributes more to the strong taste than the skin. You should end up with a nice skinless fillet that will taste much better. I prefer them fried. A good friend of mine, who is a fisheries biologist, showed me this back in the 70's and I've been doing all my fish this way ever since. Try it...I think you will be able to tell a difference. Take care and happy fishing....Mike

Cara Fletcher

Some people think fishing is pretty disgusting but for me this is the best hobby ever.I can do it forever.I love going fishing because this way I can spend some quality time with my husband.


I tried your Bluefish recipe and it turned out great.

It was more like Bluefish bites but it was still very good.

Thanks for the tip.

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