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July 20, 2007


Ms. Elenaeous

I'm with you. The North Carolina beaches are beautiful. My all time-favorite is Cancun with NC next. Just got back from Wrightsville Beach, what a great beach.


Don't forget Carolina Beach! When I lived in Roanoke from 2003-2006, I could get to CB in 4-1/2 hours. 220 to 56 to 87, then a shortcut would take me to I-40 - straight down to Carolina Beach. Now, I'm in Wilson, NC and can get there in 2 hours. Still miss Roanoke though!


If only I had a money tree. I could get there. I love the beach. Rarely get to see it tho : ( So peacful---little slice of heaven.


Not sure why so many head out of state for a quick beach trip. hubby and I take 460, 307, 360 to Richmond and head over to First Landing/Fort Story/Va Beach and get there in just over 5 hours WITH stops (and a young child).


I have been to Virginia Beach and many other beaches up and down the east coast. While Virginia Beach has it positives, I certainly do not think it is in the same category as the North Carolina beaches.

We like the Emerald Isle area so much we moved there and while we continue to visit other beaches, we still find this area one of the best. You might try these articles for a little more perspective on why we have parking lots full of Virginians here on North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

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