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May 28, 2007



We'd all be better off if we did it that way. America has become an obese society what with riding lawn mowers, fast food, weed eaters, etc. I grew up picking cotton by hand. Now when I see the waste the automated pickers make in the field, it makes me sick. Just another example of the way we waste things.

The other Dave

It was just the other day, and I was talking to someone about how we don't fix things anymore. I guess this isn't strictly true; we do fix certain things. For example, I recently fixed my digital display on my oven. It was easy,too; just take off a few screws, take out the old display board, put in the new one, put the screws back, and away we go!

It is true, though, that we fix a lot less than we used to. Some things just aren't made to be fixed. You just throw away the old, and get a new one. It does seem like a terrible waste sometimes.


I am continually amazed at how we design things for this throwaway society.

No one builds printers to be fixed. If something goes wrong with your ink jet printer, you buy a new one.

When we had trouble with our Volvo the mechanic suggested we should trade it. By the time the mechanic had finished with it, we had little choice.

I have a really hard time finding weed whips that have a substantial piece of wood for a handle. I guess it is cheaper to make the handle mostly of cheap metal.

The one in the picture is one of the rare good ones. Most bend within a day or two of use. I wonder is that a measure of how little they are used or just what crap we will put up with in tools.

You would think building products to last would make financial sense.

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