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May 28, 2007


Jon v. Briesen

What he said, too.

When was the last time the presidency, or the Congress, did not have the stench of death about them? I am considering a letter to Bill Clinton, on an entirely different matter from the war; but, it will be with some trepidation. [What's trepidation?] He had no qualms about personally ordering bombings of Libya and godsknowwhereelse. It's so hard, in these days to keep track of it all. Was he the one that bombed the pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan? Some of the bombings were on the eves, respectively, of his, and of Monica's, Grand Jury testimonies. How does a citizen talk to that kind of power?

What a sad spectacle is this Democratic opposition to W. Seems more for the news than to stop bloodshed. On the GOP side, Chuck Hagel talks a good game, but ... .

It's been a few years since I listened to an NPR story about a California town outside Camp Pendlleton ,was it? Same mix of support for the kids they knew so well from the coffee shops and diners; but, sense of the wrongness of it all was beginning to be felt. SOme of that 78% must be in towns like that.

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