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January 31, 2007


Sean Pecor

Great post! I think you hit the nail on the head. Which leads me to ask, did your hammer have one button or six? ;)

There is nothing conservative about the PC I just ordered. It's Dell's new bad boy. Intel Core2 Extreme QX6700 (8MB, 3.2GHz Factory overclocked), 4gb Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz, 500gb RAID-1, Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX cards each w/ 768 MB RAM, 1 kilowatt Power Supply, AGEIA PhysX physics accelerator, and a 30" 2560x1280 LCD flat panel. God, I'm such a geek.



That's some serious hardware that you've ordered.

Vista "Over the moon version" I assume.

My mice are mostly scrolling wheel Logitech ones with two buttons.

I'm surprised you aren't ordering one of the new Sony desktops. They look like they are now the style leaders instead of Apple.

How about that Sony Mouse TalkĀ®, Mouse and Internet Phone?

I not sure I want to be talking into my mouse, I think that happened in a movie :)

It opens like a flip phone.

Sean Pecor

I'm risk averse when it comes to my desktop operating system, so I opted for XP with an upgrade to Vista. I just made sure I bought Vista ready hardware.

I thought about style but then opted for the fastest hardware I could find from a company I trusted. I'm also intrigued by Dell's Black Ice liquid cooling system. Apparently even though the machine is smoking fast, it's very quiet because the liquid cooling system replaces several fans. I was VERY close to getting a Japanese translated Sony VAIO model from but I opted for a Dell 700m ultramobile, which I love dearly when traveling.

Roanoke needs a Sony Style store! Tanglewood should get one. I'm still trying to figure out why Valley View gets so many higher end shops, and yet the folks with the most money in the Valley live closer to Tanglewood. I swear, some of the older developers just need to retire and make room for some young blood that knows how to combine demographics with GIS mapping software. If they did, maybe we'd have a Ukrops going in next door to the Benz / Porsche / Jaguar / Land Rover dealership instead of a flipping Super Walmart. *shakes head*


mac pc

I'm sure there are people buy Macs because they think it will make them cool, just like people buy cars because they believe the car defines them!!!!!


Why Mac preference correlates with political beliefs:

Macs are constructed around users. PCs are constructed around technology; people (except for those with a lot of power) are secondary. PC users have to adapt to the needs of programmers. Right there we have a core difference between left and right politics: The left believes that decisions should be made around the needs of the people who have to live with the consequences of decisions, while the right tends toward decisions that meet the needs of the decision-makers in power.

Macs fit in with a culture of sustainability; they last while PCs break. Mac people generally don't know any computer repair people because they don't need them. PCs on the otherhand come from a culture of instant gratification. Users pay less for something that will need more repairs and will need to be replaced sooner. The illusion of cutting costs by cutting short term spending while adding greater hidden costs long term is characteristic of right wing politics.

Macs are innovative and come from a culture of maximizing quality. PCs, on the other hand, come from a culture of power that is built on monopoly, and monopoly, because it tosses away the possibility of a free-market economy, is very un-American. In the Windows world, quality is only important as a means to power. In the Mac world, quality is valued as a way of life. Macs fit well with political beliefs that focus on quality of human life rather than concentration of more and more power in the hands of increasingly fewer people.

Macs are aesthetically more pleasing. Life should be about living, according to left-leaning values.

Macs appeal to people who value health. They get very few viruses :-) and their monitors are more friendly to human eyes. I originally started with a Mac laptop because its was the only monitor that did not strain my eyes.

I've also heard but not confirmed that Macs use much less electricity (less global warming, pollution, and dependence on foreign oil) because they sleep rather than run screen savers.

Macs are kind. They support the user while PCs require *a lot* more support from their users.

Computer Repair

personally I am not much of a fan of macs, that said I am warming up to them a little.


I HATE macs, and yes I am conservative. The reason I cannot stand them is that they are indeed just like a socialist government--they take away all of your power and freedom and instead dictate to you exactly what you will do. With my PC (running Linux) I can tear that bad boy open and replace parts at my leisure. And no, "mac pc," PCs don't break down faster. It is simply that technology keeps improving, and many CHOOSE to upgrade their rig so they can play faster games, or whatever it is they do. With a stupid mac, you are just stuck with a bunch of crap proprietary software. It comes down to choice. A PC gives you freedom, excepting these premade Dells and what have you--they are as bad as Macs. No, I build my own rig from the ground up, and run what I want on a Linux box. Mac is for people who are technologically impaired and so they don't realize that they are being overcharged for a crap product. But that's socialism for you.


Opps, the quote should have been from "kimi" and not "macpc"


Opps, the quote should have been from "kimi" and not "macpc"


PCs are more liberal! They have a recycle bin. Macs have a trash can :)

David Bandel

This really made me laugh.

It seems to reinforce the very stereotype the original poster was trying to defuse.

Indeed, most Mac users are silly small minded liberals.

The truth of the matter is that a PC is cheaper, more reliable, and more powerful. It does NOT break down faster than a Mac. Since all components come from vendors who are in fierce competition with their peers, they are built to a far higher standard than Mac components.

Mac OS is a socialist (liberal) type of operating system which controls everything and give the user what it feels is best for the user.

Windows and Linux offer a lot more flexibility and power to the user.

It's true that to get the finer things in PC life, one must have more expertise. But guess what? None of those finer things are even available on a Mac. Everything you can do on a Mac you can do just as easily on a PC.

Macs were designed to appeal to the diehard hippy trendy-wannabe losers of this world. Sheep who care more about the image they give off with which machine they chose than how useful the machine actually is. Put more simply, stupid people.

The environmentalist argument was hilarious as well. Global warming is a silly sham, but even if it weren't, any PC can be set to hibernate when idle. The reason it doesn't do it by default is as follows: and prepare to laugh as I destroy any last inkling of self respect you might have, Liberal brain-washed Mac user:

Windows and Linux assume you are doing something important which might be disturbed by hibernation.

Like running a server :) Mac users are too stupid to be doing that.
Like running a complex simulation of something like protein folding or a hydrogen atom or galaxy-collision simulations. :) Mac users don't even know what any of those things are.
Or simply compiling a huge project. :) Mac users are way too simple minded to be real developers.
Or torrenting media. :) Mac users are so friggin' stupid they actually care that artists are forced to buy a gold-plated swimming pool instead of a diamond studded one.

Macs assume that their user is so childish. So simple minded and of such low intelligence, that none of these things will be going on and it's safe to interrupt everything and put the computer into a standby mode that conserves power.

Steve Jobbs is one of the stupidest people on Earth. Bill Gates is known to have a rather high IQ. I'm sure everyone who worked on Linux Kernels has twenty times the brain power of Steve Jobbs. Real intelligence. Real raw intelligence vs. liberal pseudointellectualism. The liberal doctrine of hating science but loving fascism (political correctness) and loving being told what to do at all times.

Macs tell you what you can do. PC's do what the user wants them to do.

They cost less.
They last longer.
They are more powerful.
They are more useful; more general purpose.


Mr. Bandel, it appears you have never used a Mac, and perhaps you have been too busy trying to get your PC to wake up from sleep to get to the post until a couple of years after everyone else.

May I recommend for your further reading enjoyment-


Why does everything have to be so political? Use whatever it is that helps you accomplish the tasks that need to be accomplished. OS X is not sentient, and therefore cannot have any type of political views of its own. The only way Apple, or any of Apple's products can truly be deemed liberal, or conservative is if Lord Steve states the company as such. Mr. Jobs will never do something like that because as much as he wants to be liberal he is at the top of a company which is where it is today because of a capitalist system which in some regards favors conservative views which allow the companies to earn the profits that they do. I highly doubt he would risk putting the company at any risk of a lowered profit margin by making such a ridiculous accusation as to join any machine with a political party. Therefore it makes absolutely no sense for anyone to attempt to guess the political views of people who use certain machines based on the fact that they are using that machine.

Peter Gallerizzo

I am a professional civil engineer and land surveyor and the software needed in my work is not freely available for the Mac. The sheer number of PC downloads for government sponsored software boggles the mind. (Think US Geological Survey, Hydologic Engineering Center (HEC), USDA Soil Conservation). Also vertical packages for GPS, Coordinate Geometry are not as available for MAC. Just like David Bandel said above, real work needs a powerful (multi-core Intel or AMD) flexible (user-built) machine, not a sealed box emulator.
Peter Gallerizzo, PE, LS

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