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December 17, 2006


Sean Pecor

Hmm, interesting. Within 15 seconds of opening this post containing the text "" my Outlook 2003 tooltip appeared with an incoming message from :) I wonder if that was coincidental or if an ad aggregator is detecting my request of this page (containing text matching an advertiser's target) which triggers the email. If so, that's damn smart marketing. If not, I probably just thought up a damn smart marketing idear :)

Anyway, I love They have the best prices, stock everything and ship rapidly. I buy from other shops online when I have to, but buy from whenever I can.



Well it wouldn't be the first smart marketing idea that you've come up with, but that is pretty slick one way or the other.

The dumb thing is that Typepad continues to evaluate my blog as to whether it should have ads or not.

It took Google about five seconds to figure it out on my other sites.

I'll give Provantage a shot the next time I need a cable.

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