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December 11, 2006



Navigating Tyson's Corner Malls are no problem, that's home for me.

However, I found a place even more chaotic and crowded during my recent visit to the London Apple Store on Regent Street, between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus. Wow, massive wave of people, and watch your wallet.


I am fairly new to Southern Virginia but am begining to see the light and advantages of shopping in the historic little towns up and and down 81, 29 and 220. Ladles and Linens caught my eye as I plan to go out this President Day to pick up some kitchen essentials. I love the store as the service is so warm and friendly. Surely a key retail strategy for out of the way places that people may not think to visit or stop at. What are some other little towns in Southern Virginia have people shopped at, what did you buy and why did you like about the experience. Just curious.


You might want to try Lexington, it is one of my favorites

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