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December 27, 2006


Elizabeth May

It is a ridiculous fallacy to say that Andy Griffith created Mayberry as the TV version of Mount Airy. He has repeatedly denied that there is a connection. Why would he, if it weren't true?
In fact, it's widely known that the town of Mount Airy was not friendly to Andy Griffith when he was a boy growing up there on the "wrong side of the tracks." That the town that treated him badly is now raking in money by hawking itself as Griffith's Mayberry is a sick joke.


I guess everyone has their definition of a sick joke, but Mount Airy isn't it. People, especially Hollywood people, deny things for lots of reasons, and I'm not here to analyze it one way or the other.

The idea that living in Mount Airy had nothing to do with the creation of the TV Mayberry is probably about as far off base as anything I've heard lately.

I don't care who you are, you carry a lot of those childhood memories with you subconsciously. They stay with you and influence what you do.

Our house was one same side of the tracks as Andy's , as is most of Mount Airy. We didn't live that far from Andy Griffin's home place. My mother cut his mother's hair so I don't think the family was shunned.

Have you ever even visited Mount Airy? I wouldn't say Mount Airy is raking in money. If you knew anything about the town, you would know that Mount Airy lost its industrial base and it wasn't because they were bad to Andy Griffin. There are plenty of hard working, fine people in Mount Airy.

The tourism thing just happened and that people are making a living selling memories of the Andy Griffin show is no sick joke. Many of those people weren't even alive when Andy lived in Mount Airy.

The fact that they've been able to rehabilitate their Main street and keep it alive by making a connection with Mount Airy is to be commended not condemned.

That the town is surviving instead of coming to the public trough is a good thing.

It doesn't look like Andy's growing up in Mount Airy scarred him too deeply.


nice place to visit,..The Holcombs looks great...

c johnson

hey lizzy you need to get a life why do people have to be so bad about someone having fun

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