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November 10, 2006



I am a huge fan of the iPhoto coffee table books, and try to make one about every major trip I take, or significant events otherwise (weddings, college, Army). The challenge is really pre-2001, before digital cameras became mainstream. Obviously the scanning is time consuming, but worthwhile once you get the hang of it. The bindings and paper appear to be extremely durable. Obviously, we'll see how long they last after years of being passed around and looked at, but isn't that the point?

Speaking of points, you delve into one of my favorite topics, news and print. A voracious consumer, for dailies, I take the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal. NY Times on Sunday, and Vienna Times on Wed. Periodicals include Time, the Economist, BusinessWeek, and Vanity Fair. What I like about print is that it allows you to escape the limitations of screen, as well as the 8.5 X 11 constraints. I love the full page graphics that show multiple variables in multiple colors that can convey so much meaning. If you haven't been to a Tufte seminar, his books are spectacular.

Visual Explanations
Envisioning Information
Visual Display of Quantitative Information

However, the online news outlets are catching up, and they are invaluable when you don't have access to the print version, or they have an impressive multimedia display. The WSJ & BusinessWeek have some excellent feature sets with both Flash and video, which obviously print can't recreate. I believe these are complementary features which I like for both print and online.

I have a relative who has failing eyesight, and each year I give her the NY Times Large Type edition, which is a weekly. She loves it, since she can't read the local paper since the type is too difficult for her to read.

I don't believe the old adage is true anymore about the only time someone should appear in print is at birth, marriage, and death.

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