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November 29, 2006


Mary G.

I am enjoying your site very much. I am giving NC a good look, I am single lady living in a home on Long Island, My expense are high, but I am close to the beaches and tucked awry in a quite harbor (ok, not too quite) so I hang in there. The winters are harsh and as I get older i Thnk about relocating. NC seems charming. I am planing to drive down to visit my mom in Florida this month, and making my trip down to morehead. i have a dog and see that it's dog friendly this time of the year. well just wanted to intro myself and let you know that i enjoy reading all about your ideas. thanks marY

David Sobotta

Well so far, I've found North Carolina to be a nice balance. The fall and spring are spectacular and the hot season doesn't last more than a couple of months. Our first winter has been really nice. I turn the gas logs on for a few minutes each morning and by afternoon many days I'm opening windows upstairs in my office to cool things down. Of course we still have January and February to get through.

The crowds are very manageable here, mostly confined to July and right around Labor Day. The beaches are very dog friendly. My youngest daughter was down at Thanksgiving with her Lab-Boxer mix dog and he had a ball on the beaches.

If you haven't visited it you might want to check my Coastal NC site

It's all about moving to the North Carolina coast.

I have a daily blog which except for hiatus during the holiday I record my impressions of the coast. It's at

I have some nice pictures of the area at:

You might enjoy this shot of my daughter's dog dozer romping in the water at Thanksgiving. The water temperature was still around sixty then. As you can see there is plenty of room on the beach. The beach access is much better around Emerald Isle than it is up at Morehead.

We actually have a New Yorker in our subdivision. Our area is a favorite for "OPALS" or older people with active life styles.

So far I've really enjoyed it. Let me know if I can provide you with any further information.


Does it ever snow in the winter in Beaufort?


I have seen a couple of pictures of Beaufort buildings with snow, but I think it is very rare.

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