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October 30, 2006




I was also having problems printing from the photo tray using iPhoto. Here are the steps that you need to take to be able to select the Photo Tray as your paper Source:
1. From the main Print dialog, click on Advanced
2. On the selection that is defaulted to Copies & Pages, select Paper Type/Quality. From here you should be select your Paper Type, Paper Source, etc.

Michael T

I just installed my new 6180 on an Apple AirPort 802.11g wireless network. Wireless connectivity worked flawlessly, as did the hardware and software installation. I do have several questions and would appreciate any answers/advice you can provide.

1. While I am easily able to fax manually from the C6180, I am having difficulty faxing through the C6180 from my Intel-based iMac running MacOS 10.4.8. I followed the intuitive process: MS Word -> File -> Print -> Select 6180 (Fax) -> Enter recipient's name and fax number (with "1" prefix for long distance) and then hitting Send Fax. Machine dials proper number (as shown on 6180 display panel) but either doesn't connect with recipient's fax machine or only sends one of multiple pages

2. There is no aural completion indication - to indicate that fax has been sent.

3. The C6180 seems to take MUCH longer to send a fax than did my 13 year old HP All-in-One) Office Jet.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.
Michael T


Unfortunately the fax feature is the feature I have hardly used since I installed the machine. I did notice it taking much longer to fax than my fax machine at the other house. My guess is that it the HP software which doesn't seem to win any prizes.

I've pretty well abandoned the HP scanning software and gone back to VueScan.

Perhaps some of the readers who use the fax feature more than me can offer suggestions.


im having all of the same wireless printer issues.
i have the hp 6180c as well...and i can't find it on my network.

can you give me the link where i can dL the mac software? i can't find it online.


i deleted the cd rom install...and dLed the online version. only for my hp setup assistant to show up blank when choosing a printer. any suggestions?

Jay  Peterson

As we speak the AT&T people are leaving .
All lines and jacks are working fine.

The jack for the fax is the same as the one previously used HP model
The line provided plugs into the phone and fax jack outlet, running to
1-line outlet the provided filter is being used.
The desk phone plugs into 2-line outlet
The DSL has a seperate jack and line which runs directly to the router.

Everything works except trying to fax locally .The fax is reading a 0 or
when it dials ,therefore it gives me a phone message stating do not use
0 or
1 while dialing this number.
note: The fax test fails each time showing no dial tone.

Able to receive faxes .
Send long distance. Dialing 1+ area code + 888+8888 Machine is not
adding 0
or 1

ATT tech says advanced setup is wrong.
Prevoius attempts to slow ,reset ,start over not working.

Frustrated in Oklahoma.

DeAnna O

We have a Mac Powerbook Pro with the Airport Extreme and absolutely cannot get the HP C6180 to work. We even had a techie come out to try and install it for us. The only way he could get it to work was to use a Gimp driver. Was that your experience or did you truly get the HP driver to work? My son has spent hours on the phone with both Apple and HP. Now that the Gimp driver is in and will allow black and white printing wirelessly, the dirct USB connection is not working. This is our first Mac experience and it really has not been a good one! We are running
Windows on this box with Bootcamp (needed the 3D graphics for gaming) and the printer works fine on that side.


My MacBook and Dual G5 both have no troubles using the HP driver. In fact I recently put in a new hard drive in my Dual G5 and reinstalled the HP Driver.

I think I found a version on the HP website that was just the printer and not the whole graphics package. The dual G5 is wired to the printer. I print wirelessly from the MacBook.

My HP C6180 is wired to a hub so I am not using the wireless capabilities of the printer.


My HP C6180 is unable to detect the cutome paper size. I'm using MS Word to design my document, which is an invitation 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 paper. HP C6180 gives an error for mismatched paper size. I've been unable to customize the paper size through the printer properties. Please help.


I am sorry, I am traveling and not near my printer so I can't provide you with any advice.

I got it working, and I don't have a lot of trouble with it, but it isn't my only printer so I don't try to do a lot of fancy stuff with it, but I have done some very nice postcards, but they come four to a regular sized sheet of paper.

I use the 4X6 tray some, but I have not tried customer paper sizes in the regular tray.

I will try them the next time I am around the printer but that will be a few days.


Hi, did anyone try to scan at 600dpi or over?

I got a strange rectangle pattern (missing some lines repetitively)

Just try to scan a name card at 1200dpi, enlarge the image at photoshop and you can see the problem.


I have always used HP Printers but am very disapointed with the HP 6180. Make very nice photo's but that about all you can use it for. Try making a copy or print a document and let it dry 1 minute or 6 months and then drop a drop or go light and place just a half a drop of anything wet and see what you get. Don't complain to HP because they will not answer you email when you tell them they have a problem with this ink. So buyer beware.


I would have to disagree. I have done a lot of printing with the 6180 and it continues to perform well.

It is inkjet technology so I don't expect waterproof prints but I have not had any problems.

I have a HP Color Laserjet for anything like that, but it does not do images as well as the 6180.

I regularly use the 6180 with Vuescan for scanning and it works very well. It also works fine for copying, both color and black and white.

The only feature I have used very little is the fax receiving capability.

The 4X6 prints that come off of this printer are very good. I actually have the printer hooked up by USB and Ethernet. I use the USB for scanning.

Michael M

I recently bought a C6150 All-in-one printer for my mixed environment (Macs, XP, Vista, Linux). I am getting very frustrated and I feel that my issue probably has a simple resolution, HP printer support did not really understand anything about networking. I am new to OS X 10.4.4 but not new to computers and networking. I have not hooked up a sniffer to figure out how this discovery works yet either (I will when I get a couple of minutes). Anyway when I am on the same IP segment (L2 Adjacent) from my MacBook Pro to the HP Photosmart 6150 everything works fine no problems using the latest HP drivers. However, I have a requirement that the my laptop needs to be on a different IP segment then the all-in-one device (For those not network savvy, that means across a router hop). In this scenario nothing works and the driver is very limited when it comes to manual configuration. If I could only figure out how to add printer drivers to Mac OS X I think I would be able to manually enter it (When I am local the correct driver populates in the "Print Using" box of the Printer Browser, however when I attempt to manually configure where do I find that driver?

Rick H

I have had the HP C6180 since Christmas and until a week ago it was working fine. Last week it kept saying my photo paper was in wrong. It was in correctly. A few days later it keeps saying my paper tray is empty using regular paper. I have tried removing and reinstalling back door as the "help" section suggests. I have added a full stack and shuffled stack tight. Nothing works. I have noticed postings on the web speaking of this same problem. Any ideas?


The only trouble that I have with the paper tray is when I don't have the tray all the way into the printer which is very easy to do.

Sorry, I haven't run into your problem.



My C6180 will not let me print anything in black and white until i replace the yellow cartridge which is low. Does anyone know how to force it to print only in black and white? I have been on the phone with HP for 56:33 minutes and they aren't helping!


When mine gets low on the color inks, there is a message on the printer lcd which says "press ok to print only in Black."

That seems to work for me.


Photosmart c6180...Software is a junk. I've been having constant multiple problems while trying to make it work wirelessly. I've spend hours and hours on the phone with customer support for 2 monthes now. They try to be polite but it doesn't help me to resolve the issues. I am giving up and will try to get rid of this crap.


On Wireless:
i've found that if you dial in a static IP address (you can do this through the advanced network setup) then the machine will hold a constant connection to the wireless network in your home.

On Faxing: Having difficulties sending faxes at times. I never receive faxes, because I have eFax to receive all faxes electronically. Sometimes there are communication errors while sending; other times the handshake never starts (ie the chirping)... not sure what is causing this, but it's infuriating.


I seem to be having problems getting black and white prints. They come up with a greenish tinge. how does one get good black and white photos? Any tips would be appreciated


I seem to be having problems getting black and white prints. They come up with a greenish tinge. how does one get good black and white photos? Any tips would be appreciated

Iain Park

Hi Larry,

It seems you have had a bit of an experience with this.

I have a macbook pro. Initially I had tiger on it and I installed the C6180. I think i used the HP Disk the first time I cant remember, anyway, all of the software was on my pc and everything ran very smoothly.
I upgraded to Leopard at the back end of last year and although everything was great initially I am now pulling my hair out. The software stopped responding and I had to turn the printer off then on to get a response.
I decided to delete all the software and start again and this is where all the problems start.
I have tried to reinstall from the disk and it only puts on the driver and no utility programs. I have been on the HP website and downloaded their programs, these instal ok but I then have an issue scanning. It will only scan 2 pages before cutting off and thats if it scans - otherwise it tells me that it can't connect to the scanner.

What should I do? I need to use the scanner - I use everything wirelessly!

Kind regards

Iain Park


Have a huge problem with the HP6180, 13 months old, 1 month out of warranty. Can't print, scan, fax or anything else with it. Reads: Photo Tray Problem. No matter what I do, can't seem to get it to print anything. HP online support says I need a new printer. ONLY 13 MONTHS OLD AND I NEED A NEW PRINTER. Called customer service, offered me one for $199.00 I can find another brand all-in-one for cheaper. Won't ever buy another printer from HP again.


Just wanted to say thanks for your this post regarding the Mac OSX and HP AIO C6180 issues - your post was very informative, while it communicated the problems and resolutions in a very easy to understand and fairly concise manner. Isn't that what most people find to be the most refreshing when dealing with technical issues?

Again, thank you for taking the time to post this, it is a cheritable mind that thinks this way and the world doesn't have enough people like this (yet).

Much appreciation,

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