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October 30, 2006



I bought one of these 6180's yesterday and linked it wireless to my router and installed the gargantuan software on my PowerPC iMac (1GB). No problem in installation but the Software Suite that HP provide seems to hang a lot and cause general carnage to the iMac - perhaps I'll try the latest version from the website...

jared g

i just purchased one of these and can't get the scanner to initialize either (wirelessly that is). although, i was able to get connected wirelessly and was also able to print wirelessly. just curious, are you now making scans wirelessly?

jared g

by the way, i just found out that I cannot turn of distribution of ip addresses through airport admin because i have PPOE connetion which requires it.

jared g

so i fixed my problem by uninstalling all the hp software i had installed and starting a new. after i was able to complete the setup assistant through the wireless connection, I am now able to use the scan feature wirelessly.


I had not tried scanning something wirelessly since my laptop is downstairs and the scanner is upstairs.

I left a newspaper article on the scanner last night so I tried it this evening. There were no problems.

However, I am using Airport Express to a hub which has the scanner connected by Ethernet. I did that because I don't have an Airport card for my dual G5.

When I am doing serious scanning I still prefer VueScan to the HP software. VueScan requires hooking up with USB. The scanner does not seem to mind switching between the two kinds of connections. I haven't disconnected the Ethernet when I used USB.

The only problem I have had was trying to print on envelopes. After a couple of misfires, I gave up and bought a label printer. The paper feed mechanism seems the most vulnerable part so I decided not to tempt fate.

I've also done a couple of stunning 4X6 photos which I did not expect to be as good as they are.


do you have to connnect this printer to wireless router directly (with wire) in order for other computers & laptop to print wirelessly? Also, can it recieve fax?


I haven't tested it using the onboard wireless capability of the C6180 directly though Jared seems to have been successful.

I have a cable modem connected to a router with four ports. One of the ports goes to another hub. The C6810 is connected to one of the hub ports as is my Airpot Express wireless access point.

I have been able to send and receive faxes. I have faxed documents both from the Mac and Windows boxes and manually by using the scanner. I have also received faxes from another fax machine.

The only problem that I had is that the auto answer feature is a little sensitive so now we just turn the auto answer on when we're expecting a fax.

Adam Nash

Thank you for this post. I was thinking about buying one of these, but as you know, you always have to check the Mac OS X compatibility with someone who has tried it.

This sounds very good relative to previous HP AIO machines. One thing you found out here, that I can definitely vouch for, is that you ALWAYS have to download the latest drivers from HP. I have NEVER had the CD from an HP printer work correctly, and downloading from the website has always worked for me.


I was lucky in that the software worked fine the first time from the Powerbook G4. HOWEVER, I also have a Dell Insperion and installed the HP windows XP software. At once i noticed the computer is slower and while it does print to the 6180, the Dell no longer can "see" another printer (HP 2500L) which is plugged into an airport extreme. Any suggestions to get the 2500 working again on the Dell. When i do the set up it only sees the Microsoft Windows Network under shared printers.
(Los Angeles)

Robert Fischer

Glad to find your site! Thank you for writing up this all.

I already own the 6180 for a week and while I am was happy about a printed manual and all the nice pictures in there, more and more problems appear in installation. After several installation/deinstallation cycles, most features are working.
Besides the software its a great machine.
However there are some problems remaining:
- fax templates are really crap, cut off text, look ugly, ..., I wish to create my own...
- integration with my ReadIRIS OCR seems not too good. Iris reclaims "Invalid image file type"
- sometimes the printer looses connection to my two connected Macs, especially if Macs are going asleep and not asking the HP, if they may go to bed ;-)
- sending fax from Mac is really annoying. It should behave like a fax and be configured in Fax Preferences pane should'nt it? Not as a very special printer, which sometimes does not show up, or is unresponsive ...
- printing/scanning via USB is much more responsive, however my Mac wakes up, if the printer is powered on by my wife who wants to print. So USB is no option (not HPs fault)


Robert, Berlin


If you're having problems with a Mac and Windows machine, you might want to have a look at this.,239029439,240056544,00.htm#6

I'll check out my configuration tonight if I have time. If it makes you feel any better, I have completely struck out trying to get it to work with Linux.


The final word on all this. BONJOUR! What an amazing program. The MIS guy from my office logged onto my home computer and took control. After getting me back on my home wireless network he installed this program and ALL THREE of my printers now work. THe HP software is pure junk and is no longer on my system. So always remember to say: Bonjour!


After suffering the indignation of not being able to connect to an iR2270 Canon printer in the office I noticed a HP C6180 which could be connected via USB and hooked this up.

1. I need to print office emails via our VPN LAN so need to run windows.
2. Installed Parallels - great software and all works well - but could not connect to LAN Canon so installed Dave (supposed to make it easy for Mac to work on Windows LAN) but their support desk are still baffeled...
3. Installed Mac driver (CD) for C6180 and it worked OK
4. Installed Win driver (CD)and crashed Parallels each time.
5. Installed Bonjour still is crashing
6. Still get dialogue box with"USB port is too slow for for this connection, will print slower"
7. Still cannot print from Parallels.... Help!!


Unfortunately I do not have any suggestions for you. I installed Parallels on my MacBook but I only have one gig of ram so it is not very usable. Also my youngest daughter ran off with my Windows laptop that has my Windows validation code so I won't make a lot of progress trying to figure it out.

Once you throw a VPN into the mix all bets are off. I can remember once when I thought I was printing to my home office Laserjet and someone from Cupertino called me since I had printed to one next to them. I was in Virginia. I fixed the problem but I don't remember how.

I am surprised there is not a Mac VPN solution that will work for you.


I own a Powerbook (12" 1GHz) and I've recently bought the HPC6180. I've downloaded driver 7.9.1 from HP website. The installation goes quite well until the HP Setup Assistant starts: on the 2nd screen I'm not able to choose the HPC6180 as device as the list of available HP devices is empty :-/ My first try was using Wifi, then I've uninstalled the whole HP stuff, reinstalled and retried using the USB connection: no hope, still no device in the list. I've tried both 7.9.1 and 7.8 (provided on the CDROM) software releases...
Any clue? Help welcome!

David Sobotta

I have an older Powerbook. If I can get some time this afternoon, I will try installing the driver on it to see what happens. I might just trying seeing the printer with Bonjour and installing it that way, then try the HP software.

Michael Daitzman

So far it's working well on my mac network. The only gotcha's have been 1. it blows away the support for my other HP aio printer (officejet d155xi) and 2. photo printout on plain paper seem lower quality then the HP. On phto paper, much nicer. 2. I REALLY hate that the scanning has to go through the HP site instead of out via mail like it does on the older HP AIO's.


There is a setting in the HP scanning program that lets you scan directly to iPhoto. Then you can send the photo out by email direct from iPhoto.


I just installed my C6180 on my Intel Duo Core iMac. The only problem that I have noticed thus far is when trying to print a picture from iPhoto, one can't tell the program to print from the photo paper tray. If you go to the HP Photosmart software there is a nice drop down selection for photo tray. Does anyone have a idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

- "New Apple Guy", reformed PC'er (well as long as I can fix this print issue)


Actually I haven't had any trouble. I just select 4X6 paper in page setup and make sure I have selected photo paper fine and it seems to work. I printed a 4X6 from Dual G5 last night.

I just checked my MacBook because I remember that I had also printed 4X6 from it. This is the screen shot that I got.

My guess is I just played around with iPhoto settings until it worked and then saved the settings.

Sorry I can't remember more, but it does work without any problems from iPhoto both on a Dual G5 and a MacBook.


Ocracokewaces- thanks for your help, do you have a printer that changes paper trays or do you add the 4x6 paper seperatly? I will try to fiddle with the settings.



I'm actually the author of the post so I have a C6180 with a regular size paper tray and a small 4X6 photo tray which are both in the printer at the same time. I have printed to both without trouble.


Sorry, I am a bonehead and realized that after I posted. I don't have that bottom selection like you have that says 4x6 or 4x6 tray. Did you do any special configs in iPhoto? I appreciate your help a TON!!! I asked the Apple store here and they looked at me like I was crazy.

- Jesse


When I insert a photo card into the 6180, the HP PHotosmart software wants to do the transfer even though I have iPhoto as the default app for photo media. Does anyone know where I can change the setting in the HP software? Thank you.


I purchased the HP C6180 back in November, and installed it with no trouble. I then had to exchange the original printer, with another C 6180 due to the document feeder. While trying to get the printer online, I have all sorts of trouble, not to mention hours of wasted time getting nowhere. I have been on the phone with technical support without resolution. Here's the problem: I have a PC and a laptop, both with network capabilities. I am installing the printer to operate wirelessly from my husband's office. We have DSL, and are using a Linksys Router and WAP. I have successfully installed the software to the laptop. I can use all features. I have installed the software to the PC, but I am unable to scan using the software or the front panel of the unit. Interestingly, I have discovered if I type in the URL for the printer, I can scan directly through that, but not being able to use the software, I find this useless. I also can scan through the PC if I connect the printer directly through with a USB. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, enable exe. files through the firewall, and basically everything else that ay technical support person can lead me through without resolution. I have disabled files through the Task Manager Start Up screen, and rebooted. I have spent no less that 15 hours this weekend troubleshooting, and at least 3 hours on the phone with technical support. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?

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