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September 18, 2006



Must be an easy life sitting on a mountain in Roanoke.


Whether my life is easy or hard has nothing to do with whether or not torture is right or wrong.

It's always the same, those whose arguments have no leg to stand upon, always try to personalize the argument.

I've talked to some of my military friends, and none of them support legalizing torture.

The only people looking for the easy way out are those supporting the changes in law to make torture legal.


Those who want to legalize torture have been watching a little too much Jack Bauer on "24". It isn't coincidence that military officers aren't demanding rules legalizing torture, because most of us who have been in these types of scenarios know that they aren't useful or productive.

We've seen this movie before, and we know how it ends. LT Calley and the My Lai incident in Vietnam is but one echo of the cry of horrors screamed when discipline is lost, and these types of tragedies occur. One only has to listen to those of us who have been there, Colin Powell and John McCain are two more senior officers who deplore and denounce the use of torture by US forces.

The black and white of this issue is that torture is wrong, and maintaining the moral high ground is right.

The gray areas of torture in the present case are more blurry, and Krugman correctly states that this is yet another example of the current Administration wishing to expand the power of the Executive branch, and removing any and all remaining checks and balances. Mark my words, the howls would be just as severe should the opposing party be in power and attempt such shenanigans.


Well said.

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