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August 05, 2006



I think what you said is genius in it's simplicity. If everyone could just have this as a daily reminder, I think a lot of relationships would be infinitely simpler.

The part about reflecting upon how your partner would see the things you do is what I feel a lot of couples forget, and I am glad somebody else really agrees with me there.

So you want to leave your wife for me? ;)


Well I know Glenda would like to send me on my way every now and again, but as tempting as the invitation might appear, I think I better stick around for the next thirty three years.

If I disappeared there wouldn't be anyone around to make the coffee in the morning, to cook breakfast, help with the dishes, or mow the yard. The grill would never get used but of course the amount of dirty laundry and clutter in the house would drop drastically...

Thanks for the nice comments. :)

bob sobotta

I've enjoyed reading your material.

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