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August 02, 2006



Time to blast the little buggers into oblivion. These are not cute little Bambi types, that will go on to a starring role in a Disney movie. Pests, nuisance, vermin who destroy property, must be discouraged from foraging in civilized areas.

I think someone had mentioned investing in in the motion sensor light or sprinkler system, which would also be a viable alternative.

Sean Pecor

Yeah it was me who suggested the sprinklers, which I still think is worth a try. A fence is a nice option too. For your style of house and for a small area just for tomatoes, a 48" tall iron wrought fence would look really nice. I don't think you'd need to use mesh if the fence is at least 48" tall. If you want some tomatoes, we have bushels, our first annual 800 sq ft garden is producing, er, somewhat more produce than we bargained for. Tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, canteloupe, carrots and corn. Next year we'll be shooting for a greater variety, it will make it easier to give away!



Forget upright fencing to keep deer out. Lay wire mesh fencing on the ground. Deer can't see their feet because they have eyes on the sides of their heads (like many prey animals). They put a hoof on the wire mesh and they think it's a trap. They don't know how far it extends, so they don't try to jump it.

It really works.


Would you welcome the original denizens of the area (wolves and mountain lions) back with open arms yet? It's a lot less trouble just letting healthy ecosystems regulate themselves.

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