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August 17, 2006



Hi. We are getting married in Jacksonville. I'm new to the area and everyone (including the groom) helping out with the planning will be coming in from out-of-town. Can you recommend a reception on the water that is less than $1000, can be the beach or the sound. We are thinking of The Gourmet Cafe, and don't know if it will hold up to 50 people. Thanks


I just stumbled across your article about Swansboro. My husband and I found Swansboro by accident 2 years ago. We traveled to Edenton, and Hertford looking for a place to purchase our retirement home but nothing "felt" right. At the last minute we travelled to Swansboro, and we both said the same thing at the same time "This feels right". We purchased property, had our home built and I am thrilled to report that we will be moving from CT to Swansboro in January 2007. We've visited Hammocks Beach and met several volunteers who made us promise to join them when we arrive. It's a beautiful piece of propoerty (similar to the dunes of Cape Cod) Be sure to visit.
I hope we get the chance to meet you! Thanks for your articles.


We love the area, and I'm very impressed with the Hammocks Beach area. If your home is up in that area, you've got a wonderful spot. Now that the weather is cooler, we'll be visting the island the first chance we get.

We just moved into our place last week so we're still working through all the things that need to be done.

I can't wait to get a kayak and bring down my bicycle.

I don't know what it is about the area, but it does just feel right. The "Spots" are running right now, so I had those for an evening meal the other night. They were very tasty.

On our last trip before moving into the house, we stayed at Waterway Inn. Though the rooms are small (and spotless), the charm of staying on the water is hard to beat.

I think my favorite part besides the friendly people and relaxed lifestyle is that I can find a beautiful water scene almost anywhere.

This is the view from our dock. It's just one that is repeated a thousand times over in the area.

Water is such a part of life in the Swansboro area, that it is fortunately almost inescapable.

We'll look forward to meeting you once you escape the snow and ice.


Swansboro is a great place to retire. 306 Jasmine South is a beautiful two bedroom detached condo in The Villages of Swansboro, a 55+ retirement community near the White Oak River. To see this property call 910-358-3770.

Juno888 so beautiful site..
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computer I can find a beautiful water scene almost anywhere.

This is the view from our dock

steven davies

I see that a lot of people like SWANSBORO and say it is a nice place to visit.I will listen their advice and soon I will travel to this area:)


Well, we actually live not far from Swansboro now and do really enjoy the area.

The people are friendly, the seafood great, and the beaches over at Emerald Isle never very crowded.

This week is going to be a particularly warm one, but come on down.

Cara Fletcher

I have never heard of Swnasboro before but it seems a very interesting and beautiful place and I am thinking ot travelling to it next summer with my husband.


Thanks so much for your information and pictures. You're doing a super service for the rest of us who are still in the searching phase!


My wife and I moved to Swansboro a little more than two years ago. Since then, I bought my boat and I'm now looking for something smaller to run about the back bays. The one I have now drafts too deep for this 24". If anyone knows where I might find a 15-16' with a 10-25hp outboard please e-mail me with the info. I love it here, and plan to stay until I'm called home!
I have lived by the sea all my life from Long Island, NJ, to here. Nothing compares to this lovely little corner of the earth!


Thank you so much for this article. My Husband and I are moving there next month and I have been a little nervous about the move. This reasures me that is will be great. I am really looking forward to it.

Anne Tremblay

Some more yankees who have fallen in love with this area! My husband and I have rented a house on the island for almost 2 years. We will finally be moving to our own place in Swansboro at the end of May. We grew up near the CT shoreline and have been searching for a place that reminded us of the wonderful little small towns along the coast. Cape Carteret, Cedar Point, Swansboro and the island are all just right. We feel so blessed to be living here but would be hard pressed to name a favorite spot- there are so many beautiful views-who can pick just one?

El Cid Vacation

wow. seems like a nice place to go trekking. just like here in mexico

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