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August 19, 2006


Gerald Buckley

I'm ex-Apple (large biz SE for the OK, AR region back in early 90's). Now running several XServe's for the (So there's the complete tie in/preface).

On global climate change... there is absolute unison... the climate is warming.

What we don't yet agree on at a scientific level is whether it IS (or is NOT) due to anthropomorphic (ie. man made) activity. Is it fossil fuels? If it is can we do anything to REVERSE the effects?

Practically speaking, conservation and cleaner fuel ought to be high on the agenda (oil is getting harder to find and even harder still to refine to keep up with demand). It's also becoming a geopolitical source of tension. Blah, blah blah. So, oil as a primary energy source is going to see a sunset within the next couple of generations of us humans whether it's causing global warming or not.

Mr. Gore knows this but (conveniently) doesn't do much to put that little factiod on the stage for all to see.

And, while we should all strive for better fuel efficiency... that's not the solution for limiting harmful emissions. Not even close. Read "Thousand Barrels a Second" by Peter Tertzakian (economist and former petrophysicist). The short term eco friendly efficiencies are to be gained elsewhere. NOT in consumer vehicles.

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