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July 25, 2006



Hi - Just found your site by accident and wanted to send greetings from a Pennsylvania mountainside. I am always so excited to read others' posts like these and know that I am not alone in frustration with the state of our government right now.

We are launching a Quixotic campaign here in PA-09 against our own pork barrel Congressman, Bill Shuster, son of the all-time King of Pork, who reigned for 28 years, Bud. We are hoping that the fact that Bill has not been as successful at "bringing home the bacon" as his father in the last five years will give us the opportunity to focus on actual issues and ways that the Shusters have consistently voted against the interests of middle- and low-income families, that constitute the majority of constituents of the district. This district, which includes the dismal city of Altoona, represents the worst that can happen to an area when our representatives practice this kind of politics.


Well I certainly wish you luck, our system is pretty broken. With many candidates not even facing challengers it's pretty hard to change things.

Thanks for dropping by...

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