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June 07, 2006


Sean Pecor

Boston Legal is my absolute favorite show also.

Denny Crane!



Most Fortunate 500 companies have a counseling methodology that they use when implementing performance management. It is called SMART counseling, and the way it works, is that the employee drafts his goals for the quarter or year, whatever the period of performance is, and reviews them with their manager.

S: Specific
M: Measureable
A: Attainable
R: Relevant
T: Timebound

At the end of the period of performance, it is very easy to determine if the employee met the goals, or did not. The really good managers will craft this counseling in such a way that the employee knows not only what they have to do to meet the standard, but what is expected of them should they aspire to be in the top 10%, exceeding the standard over the other employees.

A great organization with good leaders and managers will inspire a team of employees, with open communications, and where everyone knows everyone else's goals, and will do their best to help each other achieve them, and at best will be incentivized to do so. These types of leaders and managers inspire loyalty, hard work, and devotion to duty, and almost always result in revenues exceeding goal.

A dysfunctional organization, with demoralized employees, and incompetent, insecure management (note: I did not say leadership), will instill a culture of secrecy and knowledge hoarding. A management style pitting employees against each other, with secretive, generic goals which are subjectively evaluated, and not measured against other employees. These types of managers are cowards, insecure in their own capabilities, and must boost their own self esteem by cronyism, negative comments, and are surrounded by lickspittles who eat their own.

Hmm...where would YOU rather work?

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