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June 18, 2006



I live in Grainger(Rutledge) and we love our tomatoes! You have to come and fight in the tomatoe wars with us!

Lewis Sellers

So do I (Live in Rutledge that is).

Believe it or not I've never been to the Tomato Festival (though I've been meaning to for years now), but we're going this year -- finally.

Just no one hit me in the back of the head with a green tomato is all I ask. :)

But yea, like she says, if you're in the neighborhood that weekend ... It's HARD to miss (as cars are parked up and down the road for a good mile or more).

Rose Hembrook

Looking for tennesse growen tomatoe starter plants. Would like just regular price of wholesale price.

daniel dillon

I would appreciate any and all information anyone with experience can give me on growing tomatoes.I am someone actually hoping to start out small with the right business partner to grow into a business someday. Right now it's just a thought stage. I'm just doing research of all kinds on growing tomatoes.
I'm talking small?. but I do have some very good ideas I think, at least for a start?.
Such as learning and reserch first?, the what not to do's/.
second? financial planning?
third, economy,location,cultivation,
where to begin,where to land a permanent site, why to major areas for selling, cultivation, season growing, how long,gertile ground, frtilization needed if any, acreage, labor cost. Remember I have never done this, but I have to start somewhere. Tired of taking no for an answer to own my own business, maybe someday, I will need seroius business partners, and resources.Anyone interested in farming, a different way of life, or willing to take a chance please speak up. So I don't feel so foolish. Either way I will go it alone if I have to, and I have more ideas, so it's time to make a change.
Any takers, ?

Dan Davis

Love your tomatoes, My first this week from Middlesboro Ky. Good Stuff, Thank You wish I could get them in Greenville, OH

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