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June 24, 2006



I live in Swansboro and I am a former manager at the Icehouse. The grandwich is an amazing sandwich but as a local that knows the kitchen I would not recommend the place to anyone. VERY dirty kitchen and employees do not handle the food with care. While I was employed there we had several complaints from food poisoning. I attempted to turn the place around but was offered a job with better pay before i could. To date they have not hired new management and the minimum wage employees are the only eyes on how the food is handled.

Long time employee

The above comment is completely untrue! I too have been employed by the Icehouse and will refute this statement 100%!!! Those of you that have worked in the food industry before know that there's NO FOOLING the Health Department. It's plain and clear, in black and white, how clean the kitchen is once that sign is posted, IN PLAIN SIGHT! The owners of the Icehouse are incredible people that have the utmost regard for the comfort of their guests and loyal employees and the restaurant serves AMAZING food! Don't believe me? then go try it and see. If you choose not to, you are only missing out. You will also notice upon visiting, especially on a Thursday through Sunday, that the restaurant is packed! This must be a testament of all the "food poisoning cases."

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