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June 06, 2006



With Writely, Thumbstacks, and now Google Spreadsheets, we're well on our way to a new era of Microsoft free applications.

I had a chance to help my new beach neighbor, a physician with his old Dell PC. He didn't have the full version of MS Office, he had Word, Excel and Publisher, but not Powerpoint. A colleague gave his a lecture on a floppy disk with a Powerpoint presentation on it.

We took the old laptop over to my house, both for the high speed connectivity, as well as some Balvenie Doublewood, in order to download Open Office for Windows. I was actually pretty impressed with the functionality, and after we upgraded his Windows 2000 Service Packs, Firefox, and anti-virus, we were well on our way to cardio-thorasic slide show bliss.

I have to confess I've never heard of those words, let alone spell them, before. Needless to say, the good doctor was quite pleased.

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