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March 20, 2006


Sean Pecor

Mostly Sofas! That's a great store. It was bought last year by a northern virginian. Hopefully they change the name, because, it just ain't mostly sofas ;)

In Holland, it is common tradition in non-metro areas for shops to be closed on Sundays, be open partially on Saturday and open late on Monday morning. If memory serves, it gives the average working person a chance to get some personal business done first thing on Monday without fear of reprisal from an employer. I thought it was an interesting tradition. Totally incompatible with American culture, but still interesting :)



We haven't been to Mostly Sofas since the ownership changed, but we used to go a lot. In fact I used to joke that our house was "Mostly Sofas" since we had so many things not sofas from them.

Your note made me remember that when we lived in rural Canada in seventies, the stores used to close on Thursday afternoons I believe so people could have some time off.

I guess it was to tend the fish nets or work in the crops. There weren't that many shops anyway so if they all closed, things were pretty quiet.

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