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February 05, 2006


mccallie mom - 2003 & 2008

Well, when searching for 'pics' to put on my 'family webpage' I came across this site. Your comments on McCallie and it's attributes couldn't be MORE true. I'm feeling a bit 'glum' today though as my son graduated yesterday from there - a member of the Class of 2008. Although we sat at the graduations for many of the past 5-6 years, this was the hardest I guess. Or most 'surreal' I should say. It seemed as if it would go on forever. But, the school was more than a 'military school with a bible class' - the Honor, Truth, Duty you mentioned was so true. Our last son through there - has always been the 'fun' one in our family - but last year - got involved in a boy prank that at any other school would have been seen as nothing. But, there - it was punished - probably more severely - but then a followup by adults there - to help him 'redeem' himself - was great. He now heads on to college with probably close to a year of college AP credits and he will flourish there I'm sure - because he has learned so much about himself and the world. Our older son - has gone on to do more great things also and continues to hold tight to the things reinforced at McCallie - gosh - I am unsure that I could do the school justice. It's new (well - close to 12 years old now) Honors Program - started by past McCallie Men with such vision to enhance the school and it's attributes. It has given lots of 'not rich' kids a chance at a high school experience that could just not be matched anywhere - at least that is our feeling. Our oldest was involved in so many aspects of the school as well as being a school athlete. Our second one - took less 'chances' there - but was also a varsity athlete and still has learned so much about himself. So, what do you do when you are a parent and leave there? You just thank your lucky stars EVERY day that McCallie came knocking and asked your son to come to their campus. It was a dream come true for them both and they are now "McCallie Men" - we are so proud! Honor Truth Duty - words to live by.


Honor, truth, and duty have been very good companions throughout my life. While they kept me headed down a path that might not be popular with corporations, I generally sleep well at night.

I would love to see a few corporations embrace the moral high ground, but I am not holding my breath.

McCallie's motto is its own reward.

I also can look people in the eye and not have to worry about keeping my story straight.

You might enjoy this post.

Henry B Aldridge

Your comments about McCallie are certainly true. I loved every moment of it and attribute my rich and interesting life to what I learned at McCallie. For a boy like me who was not good at athletics, the military program gave me an oppportunity to excel. On my way to becoming commander of the first battalion, I learned the value of working very hard and concentrating on getting a job done well.

The academics were always challenging and the four years of required Bible gave me a knowledge of Christianity that I have never regretted. Most of all, I learned the importance of personal integrity. My teachers and my friends at McCallie were the best that I have ever had. I cannot thank them enough.


In the near future, maybe you'll think of sending your kids in one of those military schools around your area to experience the same kind of education and training which you got during your school years.

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