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December 16, 2005


Sean Pecor

The absolute best turkey sausage you can buy is produced by Stonewood Farm in Vermont and I'm not just saying that because the farm is owned by my wifes' parents ;) They produce several flavors - mild, sweet italian, medium and cajun. All are very very good. When we're close to running out we give Paul a jingle and he ships an insulated box to replenish our supply. We are also big fans of ground turkey meat, particularly the all dark ground turkey meat - it makes a surprisingly good burger, meatloaf and so on.

Your post just inspired me to contact Roanoke Natural Foods and put a bug in their ear about ordering Stonewood Farm products. Hopefully they receive product from Albert's / UNFI and can add it to their ordering.

If you want the best turkey in the world for thanksgiving or christmas, you can order one from them and have it shipped via UPS. They don't sell that service publicly but they have about 75 families that have theirs shipped, because they were desperate when we were forced to switch distributors and they lost their local source. It's a fresh turkey, in an insulated box. You can also have them stuff 1 pound turkey sausage packages inside the box also ;)



We're big fans of fresh turkey and it would be really nice to see the RNFC have that option. We'll mention it when we go by this afternoon.

Now you just have to find me a good source of dark Grade B maple syrup. I like it better than the lighter colored and less flavorful Grade A.

Of course being from Vermont, you might have overdosed on maple syrup.

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