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December 07, 2005


Sean Pecor

For what it's worth, Gentoo is a really solid distribution. It's strength lies in the community of developers supporting it, and I've had little trouble with my in-house Gentoo server over the past few years, and virtually no trouble at all during the past year, and that's through several updates. You can opt for either a Gentoo that is more bleeding edge, or the very stable gentoo, which doesn't have updates available until the bleeding edge folks work out all the wrinkles. The only downside to Gentoo is that you need to be somewhat comfortable with the command line interface, although GUI management tools are likely much improved of late. Ubuntu sounds like a good solution also. I might look into it this winter.

BTW, "lilo" is a partition and boot management tool. It's been (or is being) replaced in the mainstream by "grub". If you were to (while in superuser mode) do from the CLI:

mount /boot
ls -l /boot
umount /boot

and see a folder named "grub" then you more than likely use "grub". In that case you can ignore the "lilo" note.



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