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December 12, 2005



Well, I'm ready to pop it into the oven --- with some mods. I could swear I've had a Coleman's Mustard tin for decades and could not possibly have gone through it all. It probably fell out of the disorganized spice shelf and got kicked under the fridge. Let's not go there. [Used to use it in building Caesar dressings -- before some local salmonella scares.] I rarely have ketchup about the place; so, I squeezed in a few Burger King packets and and some ten-year-old BBQ sauce. [The only reason to have ketchup is to whip up a quick cocktail sauce.] Gotta use real garlic. Not using any brown sugar --- there's quite enough sugar in the Bush gravy and the ketchup and BBQ sauces.

Dangerous day to try this. We began a custom of providing food for 1st-aid mtgs. --- make it easier for folks to come and participate. Last night was a pizza night. I never get it for myself (I make a tasty spinach / mushroom / onion combo at home, with pckged. crust mix --- does quite well. Baking on a pizza stone, in case you don't already have one, is well worth trying.) So, when garbage pizza is present, I am guaranteed to overdo it. I did. But, I plodded my just- <4 mi. wooded trail this afternoon. I am talking to the squirrels, deer, and geese, now. Oh well. I'm a harmless dementia sufferer.


Well it will be interesting to see how this turns out. I don't think we'll be able to take credit or blame for your creation. I like the touch of the burger king ketchup packs, but I would disagree most hardily with you regarding the need to keep ketchup in the house. I fear you'll soon be suffering lycopene deficit.

We have a pizza stone haven't used it in a while. Have a nice local pizzeria, Ricco's, that does a very credible job.


These beans are great! I used them at a family function since we have some vegetarians in the family and everybody loved them!


We're hosting a Labor Day barbecue today and have vegetarians in attendance so I'm trying a modified form of this recipe. I don't have Bush's vegetarian and no time to go buy any so I'm using black beans and kidney beans. No Morning Star crumbles on hand either but thankfully I did have half a roll of Gimme Lean so used that. Ditto the molasses (before we moved last year, I had 3 jars but ....) so I used maple flavored sugar-free syrup. While it's near completely different from the original recipe, I must say it tasted good when I licked the spoon that I used to stir. (I was done stirring :) Thanks for the recipe! I've always considered recipes to be mere suggestions anyway.....


OK I'm back with an update. I had been perusing the web, looking for an alternative to boring old baked beans when I ran across this great recipe. As I said in my previous post though, I consider recipes to be mere suggestions. That said, I used an idea from a different recipe and added a can of well drained corn. I then spied a can of open sliced jalapenos (we had made cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped then baked jalapenos for a church pot luck last night, accidentally bought a can of sliced too) so I chopped up a few and tossed them in, then stirred in some of the juice. OH MY! These are going to be history making baked beans!


This is my 2nd time to make these beans. Yum yum. 1st time one of the guests in our home called and requested the recipe. So, I'm making them again for another multi-family event. Most delicious! Oh, I added soy sauce...a few dashes as I had no soy crumbles. Nice and tasty.

hollywood bistro

I have to deal with it. Baking is always a challenge for me.

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