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December 15, 2005



I've got a Garmin Etrex Legend in a suction-cup holder in my car and use it fairly regularly. It's a nice basic hand-held unit that I can load detailed maps into--it comes with 8M of ram. In addition it makes a great tool for backpacking and hiking. I take waypoints at the car, each trail junction and each campsite. Good stuff, GPS units are! We're even working on a grant in Floyd County to help students use them to map out water sources for emergency services and county information. Thanks for the informative post--I like the term 'restaurant roulette.'


One of the neatest devices for inexpensive mapping of particular locations is the Delorme Bluelogger.

For not a lot money you can get a device that does a good job of recording locations.

"See your position in real time on a laptop PC, Pocket PC, or Palm OS PDA. Or simply play back your trip when you get home using a laptop or desktop, showing your precise locations on Topo USA 5.0 topographic maps -- in 2-D and 3-D! You can even play back your log files on the Free Aerial Imagery included with Topo USA 5.0 – it’s amazing! Place the GPS on your backpack or anywhere else where you can get a good line of sight to the free GPS satellite system, and then play back and save your GPS-accurate maps for future usage. You’ll know exactly where you’ve been and be able to show others."

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