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November 02, 2005


Mary Warshaw

I found your blog while searching for Beaufort photos taken by visitors. I loved your travel guides and especially the one on Beaufort. Thought you might enjoy reading my new blog at
Keep up the good work - you are providing a great service.


I saw the piece in the News Times about your blog,and just had to check it out.
I spent a good deal of my youth living in Beaufort.My parents owned the Piver House at 125 Ann Street.My Memories of Beaufort in the 60's and 70's are of a quaint coastal town in which legend and ghosts abounded.Sunsets over the river while the Dolphins bobbed up and down through the water.Saturday afternoons at the old Movie theater where 50 cents could get you in and buy a drink and popcorn.
The Pirate Invasions,Old Homes Tours and Homecoming Parades bought everyone out to mingle.And of course it seemed like everyone knew everyone.
Times have changed,however Beaufort has hung onto it's quaint lifestyle in some ways.
Just take a walk through the Old Burying Ground,or along Front Street while the waves gently lap onshore,and you can almost bring back the quiet, simple Beaufort of not so long ago.

Patricia Frank

You've painted a wonderful portrait of my newly adopted home town of Beaufort. I'm so glad you enjoy it as a visitor as much as I enjoy it as a resident--though I feel on permanent vacation here, even while working full-time at writing.

I named this town "The little Easy" 'cause it's such an easy place in which to live.

In No. CA., my former home, I dreamt of a small town, rich in heritage and tradition, with lots of artists and writers, where, I too, could write. And when I wasn't writing, I hoped to ride my bike to grocery, library, and to pretty places.

I found that here in Beaufort.

This little village is special. Rambling around the historic district on a soft summer evening is stepping back 200-300 years in time, so beautifully have the old homes been kept.

Only one tiny correction..the restaurant you referred to as "Sharkie's" is actually "Sharpies"--named after a type of boat--and their food is fabulous.

Hope to see you around B'fort Town.

Thanks for your wonderful words.

Best wishes,

Patricia Frank


I'll have to blame my editor for not catching that. That would be me. I often find that I go back to a post and catch an error. I'm alway grateful when someone takes the time to let me know I've made a mistake so I can correct it.

Home for me now is just down the road near Cape Carteret on the White Oak River. We still come up to visit and in fact we had dinner at No Name Pizza last week.

Congratulations on having Beaufort as your home.


I also have another site which has area information.

Patricia Frank

Yum, No Name Pizza..did you have one of the Greek specialties or a pasta dish?

We love their gyro's and Greek Pizza's.

I feel like such a traitor, my iMac crashed and needed a new motherboard and so I (sob) bought a I'm Mac-less for the first times in eons...I went to the dark side.


Well it is possible to survive on the dark side, it just not nearly as much fun. Every time I boot up my PC, I'm surprised at how busy you have to get before you can even start working. There's always three or four things telling me something about the PC that I really don't want to know.

Someone once said that a PC is like a busy body that assumes you want to know everything that is happening whether you need to or not.

A Mac assumes that everything is okay and shouldn't be bothered unless absolutely necessary.

We need to convince someone down here to start selling and servicing Macs.

This was our second time at No Name Pizza. This round we had hamburgers. The time before we had Greek specialties. It's nice place to have a reasonably priced meal. You can tell that from all the locals in the parking lot.


In your post picture i fell much happy to see that nice view behind the sea... very cool one... i like it...


I am taking my daughter for her high school graduation. This is promise from 8th grade when she saw the movie "A Walk to Remember. What should we do while we are there? What is the best beach? We are staying at the inlet Inn, what is the best place to eat to get the local feel? I appreciate and and all help. We lave June 23rd 2007

Patricia Frank

Gosh, so many wonderful treats in store for you and your daughter...Clawsons on Front Street is always fun for local flavor and local seafood and pasta at reasonable prices, the Net House has great, no-frills seafood at honest prices, Taylor's Big Mug has coffee and tea treat and Wi Fi access, Beaufort Grocery has yummy lunches, Miss Marie's Gallery on Orange Street has beautiful hand-crafted jewelry by the owner and Handscapes Gallery on Front Street has lots of nifty handcrafts made by local artisans, lots of clothing stores all along Front St. with many temptations, a must visit is to the Old Burying Ground--an amazing place with startling history like the little girl buried in the rum keg (first get a self-guided brochure from the Historical Site), and while there, visit their Mattie King Gallery for fun art by locals, at dusk, take a scary and informative Ghost and Local History Tour from Tour Beaufort on Front Street, pack a picnic and wear your bathing suits and ride out to Shakelford Banks aboard Island Ferry Adventures on Front St.--you'll likely see the wild ponies and maybe some dolphins, ride the red London double decker bus around town, grab an ice cream cone at the General Store and sit on their porch and watch the passing parade of people, maybe rent a couple of bikes and pedal up and down the streets of the historical district for a flavor of two kayaks and paddle out at sunset, I could go on and on--there's so much to'll have a blast. Welcome to the Little Easy...

michael jones

When i decide to travel among the nature i always take with me one travel guide and one fishing guide.

Mike Hodgdon

I am passionate about fishing. I have a very strong desire for the activity. The start of trout season signifies the beginning of the entire fishing season, for me. Can anyone please tell me which country has the greatest salmon fishing in the world?

El Cid Vacation

i love how it looks so "old". old in a good way

villas mallorca

It seems like you had a great experience at this place. I'll also plan a trip here with my family soon. I loved your article.

Robert Johnson

Why would hesitate to share your top visited place? Aren't you proud that you can give suggestions to others? Anyway, thank you for this post. I love the fishing area that you shared to us.


Not sure I understand your question, the post is full of places that I have suggested. I'll even be glad to suggest a fishing guide for the area. I'm quite willing to share my fishing holes also but they are down the coast from Beaufort.

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