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November 10, 2005


Conrad James Hunter


I'm a cousin who descends from your ancestor, Abraham Allen's brother, Samuel Augustus Styers. I've been working on and off on the family since the 1970s and came
across your postings via a google search.I've been trying to connect Samuel Sr. with
his origins in NJ for years without luck. Just wanted to say hello from Charlotte NC. If you ever find the link be sure to let me know. Are you familiar with the old story of the two Styers brothers whose sister was taken by the Indians? My grandfather told it to me as a boy. There was an Indian raid and the sister was taken with the war-party. The two brothers followed the war-party trying to rescue their sister but never found her. They came to a fork in the path and each went separate ways, eventually settling in NC.
Interestingly, There is a posting on the Styers genforum page from someone in the Pennsylvania area, siting a similar story. It was based on the "Wyoming Valley Massacre" during the revolution, in which British and their Indian allies raided up and down the Sussquehanna River (PA/NJ border)causing thousands of settlers to flee south. It's funny how the old wive's tales are often grounded in a real event. My grandfather said that his elders said the Styers family was originally from Austria.
The southern province in Austria is called Styria ( Sud Steyermark in german) and has a city called Steyr...

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