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October 10, 2005



O'Dells Sandwich Shop, the old one is where I grew up and I can still taste the hotdogs and the remember the sweet kiss of my first girlfriend as we sat in my 1954 Ford. This picture is not of the old sandwich shop but this one will now be my background on my computer. Every time I look at it I get hungry.


Yes I also remember the old one. The good news is the food is still the same. I can remember cruising through the parking lot.

It's a great spot.

Saturday night at Odell's, everything is all right


I've driven on this road. Once it was so foggy we couldn't see past the the hood of our car. We couldn't even see the road. I am very reluctant to drive there.


There are days when it is a beautiful drive and well worth the trip.


On November 16, there were 75 vehicles involved in accidents due to the FOG....two killed and several injured. WAKE UP VDOT!


My husband was involved in the 75 vehicle accident November 16th. His long time friend who was driving was not as lucky as he was. Something needs to be done "yesterday" about this most dangerous stretch of road.


I drove up and down this mountain for years and was always terrified. My very last time was when it was so foggy that I couldn't see anything in front of me and almost ran into the back of a car, and I was traveling at 30mph or less. Now, I fly home to Charlotte.

Maria Wegner

Fog has always been foreboding. In a car, I'll honestly say that it's quite tense when you find yourself driving into areas like that. Great driving is all about being safe on the road, and the lack of visibility leaves you at risk of accidents.

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