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October 31, 2005



I noticed the post on and found your blog here. Sounds like we both love to fish the Beaufort area. I have a friend who has a house on Harker's Island and was down there 4 weekends ago. We caught some nice puppy drum, all an inch shy of the slot. Your trip sounds like you had a great day. I can't wait to get down there again, hopefully when the albacore come in. Anyway I commented because I go to VT and miss the NC coast like no other. NC is my home. It is one special place isn't it? Just thought I'd leave you a post since we are in the same area, thought it was a great example of what a small world we live in. Thomas



Thanks for the comment. It's a smaller world than you think. I'm out at Va. Tech on a regular basis. I'm doing consulting for the National Lambda Rail dark fiber network and the Mid-Atlantic Terascale Project. Virginia Tech is a big part of both efforts. I'm actually living in Roanoke because of Va. Tech. After we moved down from Canada, and I transferred from Apple Canada to Apple USA, I eventually ended covering Virginia Tech from our home in Columbia, MD. That was a pretty long commute so eventually Apple moved me to Roanoke. President Steeger was Dean of the College of Architecture back in the eighties when I started coming to Blacksburg.

I have a couple of friends out in the area who also love to fish the Carolina Coast.

It is a very special place. In spite of the mistreatment the planet has received the marshes down there remain one of the great marine resources on the east coast. We just took our daughter up to Harker's Island while we were there. It was pretty damp. I guess they've had about 25 inches of rain in the last six weeks or so. Next trip I promised to take her over to Cape Lookout which is one of my most favorite places on earth.

You might like this post.

And this album of Southern Outer Banks photos on my Flickr page.

Hang in there college will be over in the blink of an eye.

Good luck if you get to go down this fall. I hope you have as great a time as I did. What I really hope is that we take care of SOBX so that we can be having a conversation about the great fishing twenty years from now.

steven davies

For me it is not just about catching the fish but also about experiencing the quiet beauty of the river and the surrounding environment. It is such a relief after the crazy fast paced life of the modern world. No pollution, no traffic jams and no people! Do not get me wrong I am a real people person but it is so relaxing just sitting back on the edge of a river and fishing.


I would have to agree with you. We just got a boat to do more fishing, and hopefully catch some bigger ones, but often the most enjoyable times are when we are just anchored and nothing is biting.

We just took a wonderful trip up the White Oak River, but there was not much room to fish from the edge of the river.

It was a beautiful spot. We even found out how to drive there so we could check it out from the land.

There was plenty of parking at Haywood Landing and no crowd there.

I recently enjoyed this sunset from my Kayak.

It was very relaxing, and I haven't been catching very many fish.

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