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September 21, 2005


Sean Pecor

If you want more yard to mow, you're invited to visit us anytime and mow my four acres of lawn. Another couple more years of this and I'll turn my yard into a seventh horse pasture. Or maybe buy some sheep ;)



I guess the one thing that I forgot to mention is that it only takes me forty to forty-five minutes.

You've fallen into the great southern lawn trap. Houses look great set off by those beautiful yards. However, you have to give up three or four hours of your life each week to mowing. Anything that takes that long should be a hay field.

Sean Pecor

I had a .33 acre lot in Blacksburg that took me 45 minutes to mow and trim with my push mower. With my John Deere 2210, I mow the +/- 4 acres of lawn and the +/- 2 acres around the horse facilities in under 3 hours.

The ironic thing is that very few people see our lawn. The 'front' of our house is visible to neighbors and passers-by from Green Level Rd from a distance of about 3,000'. The house is perched high on the crest of a hill, so while one can admire the house on its perch, and our north pasture just below, the lawn could be 2' tall and nobody would notice :) Once you're on the property, it's got very park-like grounds so I'm happy to keep it mowed, even if only a handful of people each day get to enjoy it ;)


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