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September 14, 2005


Sean Pecor

Hilarious! I've seen cedar lined chests built into bedrooms that are used for excess pillow. Every night the process of stuffing unused pillows into the chest is repeated - and then followed up in the morning by the re-pillowfication of the bed. I've heard a popular treatment for this pillowfication is to put an unbreakable block on cable television's Home and Garden Television ;)



Very funny and humorous this post! LOL! The bed with eight, ten and much more pillows for me is a real problem: where put them when we go to sleep? On the floor? On the chair? Hard work,really!


I'm afraid we're way past the block on the cable television since pillowfication has spread to both daughters. Some neighbors just told me that the Hampton Inn is now putting six or eight pillows on the bed. I agree with Sonia, where do you put them? I haven't seen a chest like Sean mentions. We recently stayed at a Bed & Breakfast along the coast in NC. Once you cleared all the extra pillows off the bed there was hardly room to walk.

Any party that wants my vote had better address the issue.

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