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September 03, 2005


Patricia Glass

Hi, what kind of milk do you use? thanks Trish


According to my wife, we use whatever kind of milk we happen to have. In our case that would be skim or 2%. My mother probably always used whole milk, but I can't tell the difference between her mix and ours.


Thank you so much for sharing your family recipe for Hush Puppies. I've just made my very first batch and without a doubt this is THE recipe to use. The light texture instead of the usual heavy texture in most recipes I've tried is simply outstanding! We have one restaurant that serves an excellent hush puppy. I've been looking for a recipe to equal theirs for sometime; this one certainly is as good as if not better. I'm tossing all the other hush puppy recipes! I've tried the, thanks to you, I've got the best!!Thanks again!

Mary Beth

I notice that your recipe doesn't call for an egg. Every other recipes for hush puppies that I've ever seen has an egg in it. I'm excited to try your recipe, but just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything.


No egg required


Have you tried adding corn to your receipe? Do you think it will work if I add a can of cream style corn?


We have never tried adding corn. My guess is that you might loose the light texture, but I don't really know.


I must admit this is the absolute best hush puppy I have ever tasted and my mother agrees likewise. I did add some cream style corn and they were still light and fluffy. Thank you very much for sharing your family recipe.


add a little jalepano to this..cut the peppers and take out the seeds and chop the pepper. otta site


going to try your hush puppie. 1 question can you add about anything as long as it chopped fine to them, thank you patrick


As far as I know it should be okay. I know people have added different kinds of peppers.


I wonder if you can use buttermilk for this recipe? My Mother always used buttermilk in hers.

Ron Focht

Great recipe! Yellow or white cornmeal both do well. Had to use a stronger onion to get the taste I sought. Comes real close to those at 'Carolina Barbeque'.

Kathy White

By far the best hush puppy recipe I have ever tried. We recently moved to North Carolina and I fell in love with Hush Puppies when we went out to eat (our first experience with Hush Puppies). But, every recipe I tried, since we moved here, was heavy and not nearly as good as this recipe. There was one restaurant we found that made an amazing Hush Puppy. I've been trying to duplicate that recipe ever since, with no success. This recipe not only is the closest to that recipe -it beats it. I used white cornmeal when I made it and 2% milk. All other recipes I tried called for buttermilk, which I think added to the heaviness. I may add a little garlic powder and a dash of cayenne pepper next time I make this recipe (for a bit more "zing"), but even without out - this recipe is TOPS!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


I never tasted hush puppies in my life. But eager to try. I just don't know if I can find self-rising cornmeal here in Hawaii. Never saw it before. Thanks.


I moved to NC a few years back and find that in this part of the country sugar is regularly added to hush puppies. This is NOT my idea of what they should be. Lots of onion is best, peppers are good...even corn is tolerable, but for heaven sakes leave out the sugar!!!


Well I guess you are in the minority. These hush puppies are not sweet which you would know if you had tried them.

You do know that a small amount of sugar is regularly mixed with yeast to get bread to rise properly?

If you will read the other comments, you will find that pretty well everyone disagrees with you.

Perhaps your idea isn't what hush puppies are. Corn doesn't belong in them. Peppers don't belong either in a standard NC hush puppy.

If you want a hush puppy from another part of the country use a recipe from there.


am going to try this tomorrow at my salvation army soup kitchen, i am kitchen manager and to this date i haven't found a receipe that my folks like , but i think i just hit the jackpot.thank you souch God bless.


How do you make long hush puppies? Yeah I know the typical and the real ones from the South are round. Know a little boy who wont eat them unless they are long.



I just made these and my gosh they are completely fantastic! I haven't been able to get a good recipe for hush puppies until today!

They were sooooo good! Thank you so much for the recipe. I will use this recipe from now on!



Hi, Just came across your web page, Ive never seen or heard of a hush puppy here in Australia they look and sound very nice, so Im going to try to make them, can l ask what is Wesson oil? Is it better if the batter is made fresh before use or make it the night before use, and is cornmeal the same as cornflour.
Thanks for your help
Aussie Hayden


Wesson oil is just a vegetable oil for cooking. The batter is better used fresh. Cornmeal is a much coarser grind than regular flour. I have never run into corn flour here so it is hard for me to compare. Many kinds of cornmeal are stone ground. Hope this helps. You should just visit the Crystal Coast. We are in beach season here. Hush puppies are on many menus along our coast.


These are some of the best hush puppies I've ever tried (and I'm from the deep south)! Very light and fluffy with a great onion flavor. The only change I made was to increase the sugar to 1 tablespoon since I like a little sweetness in contrast with the onion. Thanks again for such a simple and delicious recipe!

how many do you think the receipe above will feed? I want to make them for a seafood fest for 100. You said to make them fresh. can the batter be made the night before, or the morning of?



The recipe will feed six people. I would make the batter fresh. I think you would loose the lightness of the hushpuppies if you made it the night before. You could try a batch and save part of the batter and try it in the morning.

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