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September 20, 2005



I use a coarse grater and the american cheese still clumps up. What to do?


My first guess is that either your cheese is a little warm or perhaps your grater isn't as coarse as mine.

Here's a closer look at the grater that I use with a penny included for scale.

Sharp Cheddar is the first ingredient and it comes directly from the fridge. Next is the Velveeta which absolutely has to be cold. Many grocery stores have it on the shelf and not in the cooler so make sure it is cold.

Hope this helps.


I was having a hard time with the clumps when I tried to make the pimento cheese. So I used Cheese food instead of American cheese. The cheese food shreds really great without any problems and now I can make the pimento cheese that my elderly mother really loves. Now it is easy to make.


Add a little grated onion and a little minced jalapeno pepper.....and...... Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwwwwww

Barbara Driggers

I was in the middle of a receipe and realized I needed Parmason Cheese and I didn't have any. I have American White Cheese, but don't know how I can grate it. Do you suppose if I tore it into small pieces and then added some flour or bread crumbs, which I need in the recipe anyway, that I could put it into blender and grate it a little finer without it clumping. I wish we had letter to letter correspondence as I need this info ASAP. HELP!!!!!


Clumps or chunks are GOOD. It's a reminder to everyone that your pimento cheese is homemade! People will love it. Trust me.


Clumps or chunks are GOOD. It's a reminder to everyone that your pimento cheese is homemade! People will love it. Trust me.


We ate plenty of pimento cheese in upstate New York where I grew up. It’s definitely not unique to the south. No one from the north would ever think of it as some sort of Pepper Jack. Crackers with pimento cheese was the perfect after school snack when I was a kid. We put it on burgers as well. Mmmm. Velveeta cheese is a nationwide staple found in the dairy section of any grocery store. Giant Food sells tons of it in northern Virginia (Leesburg) where I live now. We ate a lot of biscuits and gravy in NY and fried chicken as well, but that's fairly common pretty much anywhere in the country, as I've found in my travels over the years.

Yvon Bedard

Spray a little bit of spam on your grater.


Velveeta now produce an already shredded cheese, Walmart Food store carrys it.

Mae B. Leumas

This is EXACTLY how my mother made pimento cheese. The Velveeta makes all the difference. A couple of years ago I was called upon to make 300 pimento cheese sandwiches for a family gathering. I decided, (against Mom's advice,) to run the well-chilled cheeses through an old-fashioned crank-type meat grinder. The texture was PERFECTION! Now I use the grinder any time I'm making over a pound of PC. Any amount less doesn't warrant the clean up of the old grinder


Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

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