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September 15, 2005


chris hall

Don't forget Snappy Lunch!


We mentioned Snappy in one of our earlier posts

It's a breakfast favorite for us. We haven't been in town for breakfast lately but I'm sure we'll do a post on Snappy Lunch the next time we eat there. It's about time for my annual Pork Chop Sandwich. :)

Fred Woitineck

Is there a link to purchase salad dressings? Where are they available localy (Winston-Salem).

Also, can you tell me what aluminum bottles do you have. What type beer and price.

joyce blackston

Do you sell the brown Goober hat in your resturant. We are comming down this week and a friend of mine wants us to buy one for him.



I don't run Goobers Restaurant, I just eat there and wrote this review. You might try calling them (336) 786-1845 or visiting their official website

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