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August 14, 2005



David--It sure sounds good! The description seems to make it sound like it would possible to attempt it and perhaps have success. Nice job! If I try it I'll let you know. First thing is to get a pan . . .

cindy gullion

Hey: I was needing this recipe to make cornbread for my chicken and dressing that we are havong for dinner. Of course, I could have called my mom or dad and they would have told me exactly what you did. Of course, I hope my cornbread turns out as well as theirs does when they cook it.

The number one rule they use is :

NEVER put eggs in it for dressing and NEVER put eggs in the dressing. It sometimes leaves a rank _____ (Whatever you want to put there)

My dad is a master when it comes to chicken and dressing.

Thanks for the recipe. It was a confirmation of theirs and I did not have to call and ask them. During the holiday season, my mom and dad usually cook about 12 - 14 gallon of dressing for a speacial dinner. That usualy equals out to about 15 pounds of cornmeal. I LOVE WHite Lily S/R Cornmeal Mix and You have their recipe. Just a little of this and a little of that.

Don't forget the seasoned black iron skillet. Could that be part of the success?

Thanks ,

an oldest daughter who is learning how to master some good old southern cooking.

Pierre D'antoine

Thank you VERY much for posting this. After sifting through more garbage recipe's han I care to count, finally something I can USE.

kitty RogersI

I am searching for original cornbread dressing recipe that was on whitelily cornmeal bag. Can anyone help me? thanks

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