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August 18, 2005


June Cutoff Cash

Thank you so much for this description of Mount Airy. My husband and I love in Los Angeles, and may relocate to Mount Airy. Quite a difference, I think! Again, thank you. This was detailed and helpful.

Wanda Green

My grandparents lived in Mt Airy (on Summit Dr) when I was growing up and until they passed. I really enjoyed reading this! My parents live in Elkin now, so I still get to visit Mt Airy from time to time. Thank you.

sharon branson (blair)

i used to live on summit drive 1347 back in 85 to 94.where did you lived at?i lived beside of the snows.i live in orlando florida now.


347 West Pine Street, just down the street from Moody's.


I'm a work at home mom, i run a daycare and make cloth diapers. I want to move back to my families home in Mouny Airy, NC with my two small kids, but I'm worried about whether my childcare business will work down there. What do you think?


i grew up in mt. airy, in fact im still there. im 17 and will leave for college next summer. but i wanted to say untill my parents divorced i lived on south main street. in the same historical house my father, aunts, and uncles were raised in and where my grandfather was born. my grandfather was a pretty respected guy. he was on the city council(not sure if thats the correct name, ill check with my dad)and was in the furniture business as well. my father and uncle worked there untill it closeing which had a big impact on my family. in fact most of the furniture we have in out home today came from that factorie. my dad works at the old hardware store you talked about and used to work at leons. now i live with my mom on the out skirts of mt. airy, almost in lowgap. but for me it was a great place to grow up. but there are very few jobs any more but i guess thats a problem every where. and i just think it should be recognized for something other than andy griffith. i love the show and my step dads related to him so i don't have a problem it just seems that mt. airy would have more jobs (besides at gas stations and fast food places) if it was recognized for something other than torism. thanks.

Linda Anthony

I agree with Shannon that small towns should be recognized for more than tourism or TV show personalities. However, I am a fan of the Andy Griffith show, Barney, Aunt Bee, Opie and the rest -- have every episode on DVD, and watch at least one episode per day. It helps me to remember how nice things and people can be if we take responsibility for our lives and those we bring into the world. Teach respect for self and each other first and foremost. Perhaps becoming involved with the Main Street Preservation Society is one way to get involved. They've been doing many wonderful things over the years to bring back Main Streets across America. Shannon you are a very wise 17 year old to bring up such an interesting point of small town America. I hope more people like you become involved with such an important Preservation Society.

Evelyn Parker

We have just placed my dad's aunt in a Nursing Home. I am responsible for cleaning and the sale of her items. She has a 4 poster bed, springs & mattress, a vanity with the bench seat, and a chest that has 4 drawers. The color appears to be a dark wood, don't think that it cherrywood? I would like to know the years of operation of the factory, The stamp/paperwork on the back of the furniture is: National Furniture, Mount Airy, NC. Thanks in advance for your help, I would love to take a road trip to your wonderful town.


To the best of my knowledge the factory operated from the early 1900s until approximately the mid seventies. The label was used after that, but the furniture did not come from the original National Furniture factory which was torn down in the mid seventies.

We have some of the cherry furniture and it has a very distinctive red color. The factory also used many other woods including several dark ones.

I hope this helps


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Esther Johnson

How is your Step Dad kin to Andy Griffith? Esther

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