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July 28, 2005



I've lived in this valley for several years, off and on. Roanoke is a small town with a big city arrogance to it. Too many people here are both arrogant and ignorant. roanoke city high schools graduate less than half of their senoir students. Pay here is horrible. Businesses refuse to pay anything resembling a surviveable wage, so most people here have to work two or more jobs -usually with NO benefits. Kroger, for example, only pays $6.50/hr to start. One woman who works for a Kroger in Southwest County has been employed by Kroger for 26 years, and only makes $11.50/hr. Most employers here are cheap a-holes who whine and moan if they can't get what amounts to free productivity. Roanoke's Southwest County has become far too expensive an area in which to live for most who live in the valley. What a joke! Those who live in a middle class setting in that part of the county are conceited because they actually believe they're wealthy! Hunting Hills ISN'T a haven for the wealthy elite in the sense that Newport RI is, but to hear those who live there talk, one would think they make Bill Gates look like a miser. I'm looking for employment out of state so that I can leave this sorry area, and those of its residents who are stupid enough to think of themselves as "elite", behind. Hillbillies who live in a middle class setting and who hold memberships to country clubs are, well, still hillbillies now aren't they?

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